About This Blog

This blog began as a spiral from my family blog, A Royal Nest.  I found that as I started to post some personal thoughts and opinions about life, the world, religion, government, even gripes about grammar, that they didn't really fit with the feel of my family blog, the purpose of which was to create a family history to print in a yearbook every year.  While a little interjection here and there about the events of the day would be interesting in a family history book, I was starting to overwhelm the blog with my opinions and ideas.  So I decided to keep a separate blog where I could write whatever I felt like writing.

That was in February of 2008.  In the last four years, I've had some success with this blog (by success, I mean readers who comment and whom I seem to be reaching on some level) and some lulls.  My purpose of this blog is to reach out to others who may feel the same way and to also create discussion on issues that are important to me.  I enjoy good discussion and since I stay at home with my kids, I don't get a lot of opportunity for such discussions, so I (try to) use my blog as a place to do that. 

In March 2012, I attended a conference that was partly focused on blogging, and I decided based on what I learned that I needed to change a few things about this blog.  I don't feel like I'm reaching anyone anymore and I don't feel like this blog is serving its purpose.  So, I've made a few changes.

The purposes of this blog

1.  To discuss various social issues, including politics and religion, that are pressing on me.  That can even include different opinions on raising children and creating an ideal family life. 

2.  To share my ideas on homemaking, including some tutorials and recipes. 

3.  To share reflections of my life on here, sort of like a journal, so I will be including a series of picture posts and journal jar posts where I may take a walk down memory lane.

4.  To discuss any other random idea that may have caught my attention.

Mostly, I will stick to four different kinds of posts and post 3-5 times per week.
1.  Posts about social issues or thoughtful personal essays.
2.  Homemaking posts, which will include tutorials and recipes, and also thoughts on homemaking.
3.  Personal journal posts, where I either draw an idea from a "journal jar" or from a picture post series.
4.  Book reviews.  I love to read and am signed up on the website Goodreads.  When I finish a book, I like to review it on there and post about it on here.

Recipes, Book Reviews, and Tutorials will have their own pages with links back to the original blog posts.  I hope to include pictures with these posts.

Eventually, I would like to launch a home business of making creative custom cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other assorted events.  When I do that, I might link to it from here or just create a page on here that tells about it. 

I hope that if you find something you like on this blog, you will tell me about it in a comment.  Preferably, I would love to be able to link back to you and see who you are and maybe read your blog, if you have one. 

Thanks for reading!


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