Friday, May 22, 2009

The Era of Television

What did men do before there was television? It just seems to always be on whenever my husband is home, which leads me to wonder what did men do "to relax" after work or to pass the time when they were bored (they probably were too busy to ever be bored)? When the children go to bed, the TV goes on and stays on until we go to bed. The only time I have his undivided attention is while we're driving somewhere together and all the children are asleep in the back of the car, or they aren't with us. Which is why it's so important that we go on regular dates.

Although, have you noticed, that in practically every sit-down restaurant from here to Timbuktu, they have TV's playing sporting events? We've gone out to dinner for something special, like our anniversary, to a generally nice place, and my husband ends up spending the time watching some sporting event on the TV's there. Even though my husband means well, he can't stop himself from watching whatever is on that screen. It's so distracting!

I really wonder what life was like before television. What did men do before there was television? Read the newspaper? My husband doesn't really read stuff like that, so I can hardly imagine what that would be like. I guess that could be annoying in its own sphere, but as of right now, I'd be delighted to catch him reading anything!

This is not a gripe about husbands, just a thought about the all new ruler of the day--television. How did it come to be that the TV rules the activities of the day? I remember a time not too long ago in this house when we arranged our evening schedules based on the shows that were on. I've lost interest in that recently. I find I am much more constructive with my time when I leave the TV off. I am able to keep the house cleaner, read more, and spend more quality time with my family. I cook better meals and just have more time in general. I have a hard time getting my husband to see things that way though and realize that even he would get more accomplished if we left it off more than not. I think that there are good things about TV, but sometimes it's too easy to just turn the TV on and tune out everything else in life.

Is this something anybody else has experienced?


PC said...

TV But movies played on a TV...yes. I know for me, after working long hours and ripping my brain apart with studying and other things, I just want to sit down and forget it all for a little while.

Of course, sometimes I can mow the lawn or fix something to help "calm me down". That is all it is--an effort to calm the nerves and release the stress that has been building up.

It would seem that cutting down TV watching can't exactly be done in a vacuum--it would have to be turned off with something else in mind to take its place. Of course, until that person is ready to seek something to take its place and decides it is worth the change, nothing will likely change.

Long comment to say just about nothing, eh? I think I'll go watch a movie to forget about it. :)

royalbird said...


This is all very true.

This was more a wonderment about what people did before TV to veg after a hard day's work, but turned into a gripe about TV. Oh well.

My vice is the computer/Internet. Not that I surf it randomly or accomplish nothing, but I like to check email, chat with friends far away, and blog a lot, many times a day actually. Guess I'd better work on that.


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