Monday, March 3, 2008

Forgetful Me

I lay in bed at night, wide awake due to the rumbling snores of my dear husband and the snorts, coughs, grunts and sighs of my beautiful little 3-month-old, and think of all the things I could talk about on this blog. But when I'm finally up for the day, I can't remember one little bit of all the cool things I thought up to say. My brain just fogs up with all the seemingly meaningless tasks I need to do each day.

For example, this was my day today:

I got up bright and early when I heard T crying in his crib. I get him, bring him back to my bed, only to hear E waking up also. I take both babies and let the monsters out of their room (W & C). Between feeding E and changing diapers (C's last one--now he has to wear underwear 24/7), I somehow manage to eat breakfast and feed the kids. I actually manage to shower, only because DH skipped his morning class and slept in.

After showering (mind you, it was only a shower--I didn't get to put on makeup or do my hair or even get dressed in normal-people clothes, just in sloppy mom-of-four-kids-under-five clothes), we get our usual baby-sitter (PBS!) and start on the phone calls we have to make, which entail lots of being on hold and trying to figure out stupid automatic menu systems when what we really need is to talk to a person.

Then we call our tax guy to ask a question about taxes, something we still need to finish and send to him. We leave a message, but he never calls us back. In between all this, crying babies, loud & wild kids, we somehow are able to wash six loads of clothes, towels, and C's bedding (which he soaked during his nap). We manage to get lunch together, get the kids down for naps, and I go to the grocery store to buy the 3-4 items we forgot during the grocery shopping trip on Sat.

Then DH leaves for work, and I am stuck with six mountainous loads of laundry to fold and put away, dinner to prepare, and four intensely active or super-crabby kids.

Now, you see why I can't remember anything that I thought of last night, much less last week or last year, or even last decade. My brain is completely shot now and I'm going to bed...

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