Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Growing up in a family of all brothers, I always wanted a sister. I was always sad that I didn't have one. In fact, when my youngest brother was born, I cried because he wasn't a girl. Of course, I was only eight, and had he been a girl, there still would have been eight years between us. It's not like we could have shared clothes or dating tips or anything like that. And I've been told by those with sisters that you don't do any of that stuff anyway, you mostly just fight over who took your clothes and get jealous over who's dating the guy you like.

However, having five brothers has allowed me to gain "sisters" as they've each married. I was thinking about it today, how much I've enjoyed (and still enjoy) getting to know my sisters-in-law. I'm also excited to be getting another one in May, when my brother gets married. So far I have three lovely ladies to call sisters who married my brothers. Two of them have been part of the family for about 10 years now, the other is still new enough (and lives far enough away--try the other side of the world!) that I don't know her really well. But I'm sure there is a lifetime of being able to get better acquainted. And the wonderful girl my next brother will marry in May has been a delight to get to know. I can't wait to meet the future bride of my youngest brother when that time comes. It's so wonderful getting all these sisters!

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