Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Dresses

A show that I've watched a few times in the last week has been "Say Yes to the Dress". It's about brides picking out their wedding dresses and all the drama that apparently goes on with that. I say apparently because there was no drama involved in choosing my wedding dress.

Shortly after my engagement, I went to a friend's wedding reception. I told her that she looked beautiful and that I loved her dress. She whispered back to me, "You're engaged now. Do you want to buy it? I'll sell it to you." I didn't even hesitate when I said yes. She and I were close to the same size and it was a gorgeous dress. It certainly saved me a lot of trouble trying to find one and helped her out financially. I did have to get it altered a little bit so it fit me better (she's a little taller than me), but it worked out wonderfully. I sold it myself when I was done with it and haven't looked back once with regret for not keeping it.

Besides, I didn't actually get married in that dress. I had been an endowed member of the church for three years before I got engaged. I had my own temple clothes already. So when we got married, instead of having to use an insert for the sleeves and neckline of my wedding dress, I just wore my temple dress. I still have my temple dress. So really, the dress that I got married in is still something I wear on a regular basis.

When I was watching the show, it got me thinking about how people put so much emphasis on something about the wedding that isn't really that important. At least, I don't think it's that important. (Of course, it's probably less important in a Mormon temple wedding anyway). And to think of the gobs of money spent on something you wear once, even if it is a huge event, seems just silly to me.

So what about your wedding dress? Did you go to great lengths to find the perfect dress? Did you have it custom-made? Did you buy it used? Do you still have it?


swedemom said...

I watched that same show and I thought those women were INSANE!!!!! I totally agree with you on every point.

You looked gorgeous at your wedding. Your dress was beautiful.

You know what is funny to me about that show, a lot of the girls pick the same dress, that sleazy looking see-through thing (at least they did in the first few seasons) and I wondered why these women couldn't have done the same thing you did.

My mom made my dress and it took me all of 15 minutes to pick out the pattern and then she chose the fabric. I think it may have cost around $100 and the dress fit me perfectly and beautifully.

And as wonderful and beautiful as my wedding day was and reception after---it was just a beginning. I have 13 years of wonderful experiences. I still have that and we didn't spend thousands of dollars on the dress, reception or anything.

NatureGirl said...

Ummm... Funny question...where did you guys get married? That walkway looks familiar...

Royalbird said...

We got married in the Los Angeles LDS Temple in Santa Monica.

Morgan -Ing said...

I bought the first dress I tried on. I tried on one other one to make sure and then wrote the check.:)

Roxie said...

I can't watch that show. It's too much chaos and is annoying.

I made myself two dresses for our wedding, one for the temple and one for the reception. They were both exactly what I wanted and fit perfectly. No drama. I'd actually bought the fabric for the wedding dress several years before our wedding when I worked at a fabric store and could use my employee discount.

I still wear the temple dress. And the reception dress is going to be cannibalized into other things eventually.

Stopping by from MMB.

BYU Hottie said...

I also had 2 dresses--one for the temple and one for the reception. It is a lot of money to buy a second one, but out of vanity, I REALLY wanted another dress. And I wanted it to be pretty, and make me look good. I still love looking at myself in pictures (I'm fairly vain, if you can't tell). I still wear the dress I was married in, and still have (but don't wear) the dress for pictures and such. I dream of putting it on again and having it fit the same. *sigh*
But more than my dress, when I think of my wedding day, I think of the people who were there and the sacrifices they made to come (Like you!) and how I felt. Those are the most important things.
Most other people who were there remember how late I was and how long they had to wait for me.
I choose to think of the positive. :)

Royalbird said...

I didn't remember you being late, but it seems like those things always require a lot of waiting anyway. I'm kind of glad that my wedding wasn't all glitz and glamour but I still felt beautiful that day. Well, mostly. I do remember my hair getting really wilted and flat by the time the reception rolled around!


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