Saturday, April 23, 2011

Remembering Church Callings

I don't really remember church callings that my parents had before I was about eight years old. I know that my mom served in the primary presidency for a lot of my childhood and during some of those years my dad was in the bishopric. He also taught my primary class when I was nine.

One calling my dad has had numerous times in many of the different places we've lived is being on the stake high council. I remember going with him to different wards in the stake to hear him speak and to see my friends on those wards. That was always fun for me. Plus, he is a good speaker and I always enjoy his talks.

Another calling my dad had at one time was in the young men's presidency right about when I was 12 years old. We had a ward activity, a dance, to which the beehives and deacons were invited. I remember dancing with my dad at that activity.

My mom, aside from primary when I was younger, often served in the Relief Society, either as a teacher or in the presidency. She is also a good teacher and always set a wonderful example to me of how to serve through her callings in Relief Society.

When I turned 18, my mom was the Relief Society president. I had no interest in attending Young Women's anymore, even though I still had half of my senior year in high school to finish. There were several other young women like me who were tired of Young Women's, but not really ready for Relief Society. She made the transition easier for us by making a separate Relief Society class for us taught by another young single adult sister, one who had just returned from a mission. We were able to connect with Relief Society and feel a part of it even though we were still so young and many of us still in high school. I think that a lot of young women who turn 18 during high school can kind of get lost when it comes to church. They are too old for Young Women's and have often completed the Young Women's in Excellence but feel out of place for Relief Society. I don't know how the other girls my age felt about it, and I don't even remember how many of them came to church and attended that class at that point, but it certainly helped me.

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