Thursday, April 14, 2011

Religious Blogging

Can I be honest here?

I am a follower of Mormon Mommy Blogs.

I also follow a Christian blog called Women Living Well.

Can I just say how disappointed I am that the writers of MMB are not usually as frank and straightforward about religion as the writer of WLW?

Sometimes I feel like we Mormons are so afraid of being accused of being judgmental that we water things down when it comes to our beliefs. We don't want someone to be offended by what we think or believe and leave the Church, so we water it down.

Courtney, the writer of WLW, never does this. She frankly tells it how it is. She does it in love but she never waters any of it down. I get more of a spiritual uplift when I read her blog posts that are centered around religion and home and family than I ever do reading MMB, which I think is sad, since the contributors to MMB share my religious beliefs. Sure, I share some of the same beliefs as Courtney as well, but there are many differences. Yet the biggest thing I think I see is that Courtney is never bashful about proclaiming a profound belief and testimony of Jesus Christ, whereas the writers of MMB don't seem to openly share that as much.

And really, to be honest, I can't explain the differences. I just know it's there. And I'll see new posts on my dashboard from MMB but am almost always disappointed by the content, whereas with WLW, I am always excited and eager to read what she posts.

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swedemom said...

Very interesting. I've read WLW occasionally. She is very frank. But I'm not a follower of MMB, so I couldn't tell you the difference. But you are very discerning, so I imagine you describe it accurately. It is sad.


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