Monday, July 21, 2008

Through the Years

20 Years ago...
--I was 10 and in between 4th and 5th grade.
--I was on a break from taking gymnastics, something I'd done for the past 6 years and would continue for several more years.
--We were on a family vacation to visit my grandparents and cousins.
--My favorite thing to do was hide in my room and create--stories, drawings, even building my own Barbie dollhouse out of cardboard boxes.

10 Years Ago...
--I was between my sophomore and junior years of college.
--I lived in the Foreign Language Student Residence (FLSR), in the Spanish House.
--I went to Mexico as part of the Spanish Intensive Program.
--I was waiting for a missionary (but that obviously didn't pan out)

5 Years Ago...
--DH and I had just moved.--I had just had my first baby.
--I was applying in different school districts to sub.
--I started taking a writing course by mail.

3 Years Ago...
--DH and I had moved again and were waiting for our house to be built to move yet again.
--I had two kids--ages 2 and not quite 1.
--I was finishing up my writing course.

1 Year Ago...
--We were living in our house and I was pregnant with #4 (a big surprise!)
--I was planning to start a home preschool.

This Year...
--We live with my parents (and our four children) while DH is finishing up his bachelor's.
--Our house is currently a rental property.

--We went to church, as it was Sunday, and I taught the CTR-5 class that DH and I both teach because he had to take the kids all home.

--I did laundry and cleaned what I didn't get to on Saturday.

--I get to go to the dentist. Yippee!
--And watch my brother-in-law's kids.

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