Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Loving Facebook

I am totally in love with Facebook. It's so great! I've reconnected with hundreds of old friends and been very pleased to see what they're doing in life. Some of the people I haven't seen or heard from since junior high have turned out to be such wonderful people, and I would never have guessed that from who they were back then. I guess life can be a very good teacher. I have also loved seeing that some of my old connections in places I've lived have become connected with friends from other places. It's interesting to me when I click on a person's contacts and see what contacts we have in common only to find that someone I knew from one part of the states knows another person I met later in life, like in college. Whenever we moved, I always wished that my new friends could meet my old ones, and now I see that happening from time to time. Very cool. Anyway, I was jazzed today to find out that one of my old friends from gymnastics is married to a guy I had a crush on in all of junior high school, and they didn't even know each other at the time, but met later in high school, after I'd moved away to another state. I was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement at my discovery.

Anyway, Facebook is awesome! Love it, love it, love it!


Maren n' Mark said...

I Totally agree with you, I love it too. That is way awesome how your friends did hook up. And Thanks for backing my butt up yesterday, I really appreciated a similar point of view.

swedemom said...

I thought it was interesting to read your perspective. I'm very leary of Facebook. There were a lot of problems about in Sweden with people trying to delete accounts, but Facebook kept the photos and maintained the rights to those photos. I'm not up for thatA friend of my husband's wanted to reconnect and so Brent got an account with Facebook. I was too overwhelmed by the connections. In my case, I've maintained relationships with people that I wanted to keep in touch with. There weren't many people I wanted to reconnect with.
But I'm glad you're having so much fun with it!

mamachick said...

I too have maintained friendships with people that I wanted to keep in touch with, but on Facebook, I've reconnected with people that I hadn't thought of before, and in some cases, it has turned into a very good friendship developing over the Internet. But I've always been one to focus more on the past and wish I could relive it than most people are. That's perhaps why I love Facebook so much and love reconnecting, it has really brought to surface great memories and helped me rebuild some friendships.

Then again, my Christmas card list consists of over 100 people and I add more each year, I just really like to keep in touch with lots of people.


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