Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stranger Slaps Child

Have you seen this story? Apparently, a 61-year-old man slapped a 2-year-old girl in the face to get her to stop crying in a Walmart in Georgia. So tell me, what would you do if some strange man told you to get your child to stop crying and if you didn't, they came over, picked him or her up and slapped them 4 times?

I think I would turn into the protective mother bear and the other customers would have to hold me back!


Khourt said...

I saw this... I thought why is the man in trouble.. if it were me I would be the one in trouble because I would have killed that man!! How dare he slap that child... not once but more than once.. That is just awful!

If you dont want to hear kids crying or being kids in public then dont go in public.

swedemom said...

I would be furious. Simply furious.


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