Monday, January 25, 2010

The value of homework

Homework. If your kids are in public, or even private, school, they all have it. These days, even kindergartners bring it home, possibly even preschoolers.

I think most of the homework given is ridiculously stupid. I think reading is essential and should be accounted for too, but I don't think that everything a child reads at home should be assigned. I think they should be able to choose their books and not be required to do a story map or book report for everything they read--that sucks the fun out of reading.

We have a HUGE selection of very good books, both picture and chapter books. I HATE that he spends what little reading time at home he has reading the stupid books that the teacher sends home. I know teachers do that to make sure the child has something to read at home, since there are parents out there who do not have a home library. But I do, and I wish that I could tell the teacher he has plenty to read at home. I'd like to start him on Harry Potter but we just don't have time with the reading she sends home to read that also.

Other homework should be small assignments, or leftover classwork, that reinforces what they are learning in school. Otherwise it's just busywork and teaches them nothing. Especially when they don't get home from school until after 4 pm (I'm sorry, but whoever thought of the 9-4 school hours should be shot--yes, I have very angry feelings on the matter of my child being gone those hours--I would much prefer 7-2, if you ask me).

What do you think? What are your experiences?

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