Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Truth Comes Out

Okay, the real reason I gave up on the summer marriage challenge was simply that I just don't feel good.

I'm pregnant!

It was a huge surprise in light of the fertility troubles we've been having, the diagnosis I received in April and some other things. My period was late, but that's normal, having irregular periods, with PCOS. So I didn't think much of it at first, but as the days passed by, I started feeling queasy a lot, and hungry when I wasn't queasy. And very, very tired. So, after about a week, I finally caved and took a pregnancy test, not expecting much.

It was positive! I showed my husband and he was very excited!

The only thing is that I've been dealing with terrible morning sickness. The nausea is with me 100% of the time and hardly anything eases it. And believe me, I've tried everything, having had this severe nausea with all four other pregnancies. The trick is to find at least one thing that will alleviate it and stock up on that. For one of my pregnancies, that was S'mores pop tarts. For another, it was fruit roll-ups. This one, I haven't found one thing that helps. I'm even having aversions to strawberries, my favorite food in the whole world. Can't stand the sight of them or the smell and definitely can't stomach the taste.

It stinks. I'm hoping that it will follow the pattern of previous pregnancies and the morning sickness will ebb with the fourth month (or sooner) and not last the whole time. If it doesn't, then my problem will be weight gain.

Anyway, that's why I quit the marriage challenge and that's why I haven't written in forever.

Thought you ought to know.


Amber said...

I am so happy for you!! Hooray!!

I completely understand the nausea thing, for me it's nausea and vomiting and, truly, nothing alleviates my suffering. I am lucky in that I don't start feeling sick until week 5 (meaning this week) and usually don't throw up until week 6 or 7.

Anyway, I couldn't be happier for you!

Spring said...

Seriously so excited for you! Congratulations! I get the same thing for the first 3 or 4 months. I live on Carnation Instant Breakfast with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream thrown in to make the taste more tolerable. The protein helps and I can chug it in the morning when the nausea's at it's worst. It doesn't make the nausea go away, but it calms it down. But really, the only thing that makes it better is getting past that first trimester. Wishing you strength and hoping this part passes fast!

Khourt said...

Congrats!!!! Hope the MS subsides for you

Jackie said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you! SO HAPPY! What wonderful news!

Your baby will have to be best buds with Amber's baby! :)


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