Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrating Halloween

last year's costumes: a construction worker, a princess, Wall-E, and Spider-man

How do you celebrate Halloween? Or do you at all?

I must admit, it's not my favorite holiday. There are fun things about it. But the whole idea behind it is rather Satanic and, to be frank, scary.

Growing up, I was able to dress up and go trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. Usually just around the block or two. My parents didn't really decorate for it. On the day of Halloween, they would put up a ghost in the front window made out of a tall floor lamp draped with a white sheet and black paper eyes and a mouth taped to the front. We used to have a witch that had hinged legs and arms that my parents would hang up on the front door. That was the extent of our decorations. Our costumes were often simple--usually something we could scrounge up out of stuff we already owned. Occasionally my mom would go all out and make us a costume, but that didn't happen most years. And we stopped trick-or-treating once we were 12 or in junior high, whichever came first. After that, the occasional Halloween dance at school or church or activity at church and maybe a party, depending on who was involved, was sometimes okay.

Now that I'm married, I remember the fun of dressing up and trick-or-treating and of carving the pumpkin. But I'm not into the decorating or the scary side of Halloween. And my husband really doesn't like Halloween at all. He would prefer that we shut off all the lights and go upstairs to our room and watch a movie. Not a scary Halloween movie, either, just any movie. But I think kids enjoy dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Plus the trick-or-treating is fun and it's fun to see the cute and creative costumes. Kids older than 12 out trick-or-treating really annoy me because then it's just out of greed and most of them don't even dress up. So our kids will definitely stick to the rule I had growing up, and nothing past the age of 12 or junior high/middle school.

So what do you think about Halloween and celebrating it?


swedemom said...

My memories of Halloween are some of my favorite! My mother made us witch costumes one year and pumpkin costumes another year. We would go into town, as we lived in the country, and trick or treat around my grandparents' neighborhood. When I hit my teens, I got to stay at my grandparents' house and dole out their candy. They usually bought a lot and then let us have the leftovers.
When we lived in Sweden, our kids never trick or treated because it wasn't celebrated there. We would have a primary party and that was it. I never told my kids about trick or treating until we moved back to the States. It was the best surprise ever! They loved it and had a blast. Last year, I didn't go with the kids because I had just had the baby. But it is a fun holiday. No, I don't decorate, but we always carve pumpkins or paint them.
I definitely think there should be an age limit.

Amber said...

I don't decorate for Halloween...or any holiday. Ha! I'm just not that type. Frankly, I haven't even had time to decorate our walls with pictures! Silly, silly.

Still, I do enjoy the trick or treating aspect of Halloween. It's fun to dress up Emily in a costume. We haven't done it...yet..but since I definitely won't be having a baby during the festivities this year (as opposed to last year) I think we might actually make it work. : )


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