Thursday, August 28, 2008


I thought I'd try this, though it looked a little complicated.

Here's how it works: For each question, look up your answer on Google image search. Then choose your favorite image from the FIRST PAGE OF RESULTS ONLY.

My Name

Favorite Food (this beats anything you can eat for a real meal)

First Job



Bad Habit (you may be wondering what this is--I'll let you wonder)

College Degree

Want to go

Favorite Place

Favorite Color (I really don't have a favorite--love them all together)

Favorite Animal (yes, still a dream of mine to someday own some)

Past Love (I was never this good, though)

Doing Now (I love my job!)

Where I Live

Favorite Object (pathetic, I know)

Grandma's Name


If you want to give it a whirl, I tag you. It's fun, you should try it!


swedemom said...

I like this one! Alas, my computer skills are so poor I'm not sure how to inbed an image into my text.

swedemom said...

Oh my goodness. Apparently my name is associated with porn because some very nasty pictures popped up with I did the image search.

royalbird said...

My name too. Well, not Jenavee, hardly anything came up for that. But I'm glad there was at least the one picture of Jenna Bush or I don't know what I would've picked!


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