Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lord Knows Our Needs

One night a few years ago, not too long after I had my third child, I made a huge spaghetti dinner for my family. My oldest child was only 3 and my husband wasn't even going to be home that night. For some reason, I had just made way too much, about twice the normal amount. At that time, we weren't big leftover-eaters, so I knew that all that food would go to waste. Then the idea came into my head that maybe someone else could use it. I thought of the sisters I visit taught and it didn't seem quite right. I thought of my companion and even a few friends nearby, but it just didn't feel right. So I got down on my knees and prayed to Heavenly Father to please let me know who needed this meal. Then I pulled my ward list down from the tack board in our kitchen and started flipping through it. A name caught my eye and I remembered that the particular sister had just had her third baby and her husband had also just changed jobs and was gone several days a week for work. Since it was already after 6 pm, I thought I'd better call ahead to make sure that I could bring the dinner. I called and asked if she had dinner already ready, and she didn't, so I offered to bring the remains of ours.

A few days later was fast and testimony meeting. That sister stood up and bore her testimony of the Lord knowing her needs in that she was feeling ill, having some postpartum issues, her husband was gone and she looked at the clock, thinking she still had to make dinner and had nothing to make. A few minutes later the phone rang with me on the other end offering to bring some food.

I just wanted to post this as a reminder to me that the Lord knows our needs and will let us know if we only ask. I meant to write it in my journal, and today was thinking back on journal-writing and realized that I never had written this incident down. So now it is written somewhere to always remember it.


Devin & Ruthann said...

I remember that testimony! I can't remember who is was, but I do remember that being told from a sister in our ward who mentioned you took her dinner. I thought it was so sweet and it made me want to be like you!

Christina said...

What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I was blog-hopping and I'm glad I found yours.

Christina said...

Oh, and by the way, my first three were born within three years and one week of each other.


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