Friday, February 12, 2010

What I Learned This Week

This week has been a little bit trying, so here's what I learned from it all:

1. Burned broccoli smells really terrible and stays in the house a LONG time, especially when it's too cold out to keep the windows open all night long. Don't burn the broccoli.

2. When confronted by rude DMV people, it's probably best to just walk away instead of scream in their face and get kicked out of that particular branch of the DMV.

3. Dogs don't get strep throat, but when everyone has it, the dog gets ignored and then he acts out. Don't ignore your dog when you have strep throat or there may be consequences.

4. Don't tell your school-age child that he should come home as soon as he feels sick, just in case he might have strep throat. Now when he shows up for school this morning, the teacher will be wary of his presence because he told her that everyone here had strep throat and that he should come home right away if he felt sick at all. He didn't feel sick. He just wanted to come home.

5. Whenever your husband has 5 days off work consecutively, if you can afford it, get out of town. Then you may not end up with strep throat at all and can enjoy a full 5 days of being together as a family instead of 3 of those days out of commission due to strep throat.

And that is what I learned this week!


Chanelle said...

Wow! You had a full week of learning. Hope next week is a little more mellow.

The Perkins Family said...

I floated over from MMB. What a rough week! I didn't know you could burn broccoli! I bet it smells ghastly! Hope it's a better week this week!

Royalbird said...

That was actually my second time burning the broccoli, the first time it didn't sit nearly as long so it wasn't as bad. It took three full days of soaking and rewashing the saucepan to finally get it clean.


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