Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too Busy to Blog Hop

I love reading other people's blogs and leaving comments. But lately, not only have I been too busy to blog myself, I haven't really had time to read any other blogs. It's not so much that I don't have time, because I probably do, but I don't have the energy.

So if I haven't commented on your blog as of late, I'm sorry. I haven't even been reading them. I think it will perhaps get better when my oldest goes back to school. Right now he's off track.

But here's what we've been doing lately...

Last week when the weather was beautiful, we went to several different parks and played outside. The boys finished up their last couple weeks of community education classes (Spanish and art). We went to a Japanese habachi grill restaurant and tried the sushi--and that's saying a lot because I'm wary of trying anything strange or different. We had a fun game night with my cousins and their spouses--without the kids. We shopped for new mattresses and beds. We went to the dinosaur museum. We spent way too much money in groceries and other items. We hung out with friends. We baked and created fun things out of paper. We took the dog for walks. We played hide-and-seek in the house. We have just been busy.

I hope to return to blogging more soon, I just have to reorganize my life. It's too cluttered for clear thinking!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Didn't see the date at first. Sounded just like summer! Glad you're enjoying life! Great example to us all.


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