Monday, September 6, 2010

On and Off

I have really been having on and off days lately. I don't remember it getting this bad in my previous pregnancies, but that's probably because I didn't have children in school so there was nowhere that we absolutely had to be any given day (except church on Sunday) and certainly no pressure to get dressed. (Yes, I feel like I should get dressed to walk my son to the bus stop--I think wearing pajamas for such a thing, for leaving the house at all, is inappropriate. Just the way I was raised.)

Last week I had one really good day. I hardly felt sick at all and it happened to coincide with a day that my husband only worked a short shift, so he was home the rest of the day. Because I was feeling so good, we went out that night as a family to a high school football game and had a great time.

But other than that one day, for the last seven, I have really felt yucky. It's hard to manage the family when feeling so nauseated. The medication is helping take the edge off, I think--I'm afraid to not take and see how bad I truly might feel. I did make it to church on Sunday, but I'm considering taking a little break from church when I can, which shows how terrible I feel. I haven't missed church for pregnancy or childbearing, except the two weeks immediately following the birth of any one of my children, ever. I've already missed church twice this pregnancy, using my daughter's runny nose as an excuse to stay home, when really, I just didn't have it in me to go.

I am not the kind of person to slack off, even when I'm not feeling good. I still keep up with housework and feeding my family and the whole shebang. But this pregnancy is really doing me in. We all pitched in and cleaned the house today, but it had been nearly a month since any vacuuming, bathroom-cleaning, or dusting had been done and the clutter that had built up in that time was impressive.

Anyway, I just wish that the weeks wouldn't drag by so slowly. The nine months of pregnancy are always the slowest nine months ever. In the past 9 years, so 108 months, I've been pregnant for 36 of them, and those have been the slowest time periods. I am only 10 weeks along now, but I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER. And I don't remember what it feels like to not be nauseated. What does that feel like?

I'm hoping for an "on" day tomorrow. Wish I could nail down what makes it on or off, but I can't seem to figure out what makes the difference!


Devin & Ruthann said...

Sorry you're still feeling yucky.

How's the bleeding?

Rivki said...

Sorry that you're feeling so ugh. I hear what you're saying about the pajamas to the bus stop thing; I feel the same way (not that I have kids who are being bussed yet). Also, if you find you're not able to make it to services, you could always do some studying at home. It's hard to make those decisions, but if you push yourself too much, well, I know what happens to me when I do that. Not great!

Royalbird said...

I actually felt a little better today and got some errands done, but then collapsed in the afternoon because I was so exhausted.

Ruthann, the bleeding has not entirely stopped, but it seems to have lightened a little. I'm still sick and my belly is growing (I'm 10 weeks and can't fit into my regular clothes!) so I'm assuming everything is all right.

I definitely need to find a way not to do too much, but it's hard--I thrive on order and chaos makes me stressed out. Even though I will still be exhausted, I hope that this morning sickness will be gone by the fifth month, which has been my pattern in the past. Then I will at least feel more able to get things done!

Amber said...

I am sorry, Jenna, to hear about all this stress. With both of my previous pregnancies I have had to wake up and it was awful! I was in school, full-time, with them and having to go in for IV treatments 2-3 times a week. So many mornings I'd wake up and cry because I couldn't sleep in and lounge around.

I guess I'm telling you this because I can relate. Really relate.

On another note, I'm laughing because I'm in the exact opposite position--I'm hoping to feel nauseous. I guess that I might still be too early, but it really frustrates me that I'm not feeling anything. Sick, for me, equals a healthy, viable, pregnancy. Arrgh.

Here's to your hoping your nausea leaves and mine begins. : )


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