Thursday, September 30, 2010

Raising Boys

I've posted a few other times about raising girls--how difficult it can be because of the media images that are always portrayed about women and girls. Expectations for beauty and looks and all that.

Well, today I was thinking about how boys are up against just as much. The media portrays men as scum quite often--that they cheat and don't treat women well and it's just kind of expected because, well, they're men. Boys will be boys, so the saying goes, and that somehow gives them an excuse to act like jerks.

So in addition to instilling a strong sense of self worth in our daughters, we must also raise our sons to defy the modern stigma. We must teach them to be gentlemen, to have self control and to be kind and loving.

Not that I believe that is how all men are, but it is certainly how they are portrayed in today's society.


swedemom said...

There is a lot of evidence about how boys are failing in schools, but too many people ignore that in their rush to make sure girls are achieving in science and math. And more women graduate from college than men. That concerns me deeply. With four boys, I worry about that.
In terms of raising boys, here are my concerns: pornography, video game addiction, failure in school, and failure to launch--i.e. to move on as an adult and progress at a reasonable pace.

Royalbird said...

All valid points, thanks!


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