Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apparently, I'm a Nazi

This link will take you to a place called Yahoo Answers where I answered a specific question on whether or not you should address it if you walk in on your child masturbating or viewing pornography. I was the ONLY person on there who said that masturbation and pornography are wrong and my child shouldn't be doing that, so of course I would talk to them about it, despite the fact it might make me or them feel uncomfortable (the point of the question was that such a talk might make your child or you feel uncomfortable and it would be better to just ignore the whole thing). But since I've always been taught in the Church that these things are wrong and are actually sexual perversions, I said as much in my answer.

Her question was based off some Dr. Phil show where the 11-year-old had googled "naked people" and the parents were concerned about it. Same thing. If my 11-year-old was googling images of naked people, I would be concerned because that is pornography, even if mild.

And her response to me saying this?

She says, "You're a Nazi. I feel terribly sorry for your kids. Also, don't tell ME what good parenting is. I didn't ask, because I already know. Thank you. " (I simply said that good parents would talk to their kids about something they believe is wrong even though it makes them uncomfortable.)

I've seen many similar questions dealing with pornography and masturbation and other sexual perversions. It surprises me and disgusts me that most people think it's okay and right to experiment in such ways and that anybody who says it's wrong is immediately called up for being too strict or "like a Nazi."

Well, I guess I'll be a Nazi then. Though I'm not sure the Nazis had a position one way or the other on masturbation and pornography. But I'd prefer to teach my children what's right and hope they make good choices and then correct them when they don't make a good choice. Hopefully that will lead them the right way.


swedemom said...

I am right with you Jenna. You are not a Nazi. I am shocked at how relaxed people are when it comes to sexual behavior in their children.

swedemom said...

Jenna, I tried to respond to that question, even created a yahoo account. I thought the person who asked the question had no right to attack you personally. Her response was completely unwarranted and innappropriate. I stewed about it all night. I was so mad at her. Anyhow, it's not letting me respond, so I guess i'll have to let it go.

I don't think the OP had any clue what good parenting is. Good parents talk with their kids about sex. Good parents address uncomfortable issues. Good parents even embarrass their kids from time to time.

You responded beautifully, were very clear and direct. Kudos to you.

NatureGirl said...

We do have to stand up and defend what is right. Talking to kids about either of those subjects is no different than helping them understand the importance of chastity or fidelity. We do not shame them, or humiliate them, yet we do not condone either. Leading them to understand the sacredness of both the body and procreation is our responsibility. Good on ya!

Royalbird said...

Here swedemom, here is a link to the same person asking the same question in a different section. The question is still open, so you could answer it if you want.;_ylt=AqjQLry8FvYgNmvW6XMby2_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101115135514AABBENY

Royalbird said...

I guess you'll have to copy and paste, didn't realize links don't work in the comments section.

Royalbird said...

And after a little further research into this person's profile, it turns out that she is not even a parent but a young adult, older teenager who asks and answers a lot of questions dealing with sexuality and nudity. So at first I was a little taken aback by what she wrote to me, but she singles someone out rudely in almost every question she asks. Just doesn't seem like a nice person.


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