Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proud Parent

Today we had parent-teacher conferences for both boys. Our oldest who is in second grade is excelling in all subjects and shows creativity and ingenuity in his work. Our younger son, in kindergarten, knows all his letter sounds and is beginning to read.

Of course we were glad to hear they were both doing well academically.

But the part that made me feel like I was truly doing a good job as a mom?

Both boys are respectful and polite and they are friends with everyone in the class, always nice to all the other kids.

That made me pause and think about how much effort parents put in these days to make their children top of their class and super talented. All the sports teams and classes they take and lessons they have. All the extra reading and making sure they are getting their homework done and keeping up with their schoolwork. But how often to parents focus on how kind their children are to others? Since bullying is a huge issue these days, probably not as much as they focus on their children succeeding academically.

So I thought about what was more important and decided that I would rather raise children who are polite and respectful and treat others with kindness.

*Mormonad from New Era Magazine issued by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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