Friday, December 10, 2010


I hate change. Granted, many people struggle with it, but I really can't stand it. Anything small that changes in my world throws me out of balance and leaves me wondering what is wrong with everyone and everything.

Don't tell me to read "Who Moved My Cheese?" Reading books about how to handle change has never helped me. My dad used to gather the family around for a family meeting, or evening as an FHE lesson, and talk about change and how to cope with it. Despite all that, I really still don't like it.

I didn't like it when they took one of my favorite characters off my favorite show this season.

I haven't liked it every new season when they change their TV re-run line-up during the day. Now it's to the point that there's absolutely nothing on worth watching at all.

I don't like that the next door neighbors are moving, even though I wasn't very good friends with them, just because my kids will miss their kids and now have nobody to play with outside during nice weather except each other. The chances of having new neighbors with kids the same ages is slim indeed--this is the first place we've ever lived where there were kids that mine could play with on the same block.

I don't like it when my husband transfers to a new store, which hasn't happened since October, but still, I don't like it.

Why do my brothers have to keep moving and not just stay in one place?

Why do we have to keep moving and not stay in one place?

I'm still bummed about the fact that we're having another boy instead of a girl. Why can't my daughter have a sister?

My sister-in-law (husband's sister) came out to visit her sister (husband's other sister). When I was telling my mom about the visit and how there was no real reason for her to visit, she just visited because she could, my mom said, "That's just what sisters wouldn't understand." No, of course, I wouldn't. I've never had someone come visit me just to visit me and spend time with me. Not once in my entire life. And now my daughter has the same curse. It's just not fair.

I hate change. Even change in my favor tends to be difficult for me. My husband did not get the store he wanted for his job--he was in the running to get his own store but didn't get it. And the next round of stores that will have openings for managers are not within driving distance, so that will necessitate a move.

More change. Yuck.


Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Its not just about disliking change.. Its about keeping it real :) I think a lot of people dislike change (or other things for that matter) but are bold enough to stand up and say it. I applaud you for having the courage :)

swedemom said...

Change is so hard. I didn't move around as a kid. But my adult life has had many changes. Sometimes I dread the changes. I cried for a year worrying about the change moving from Sweden to the U.S. And adapting to life back in the U.S. was much harder than I ever anticipated.
I think it is okay to admit that it is hard for you.
I just wish I could you a big hug right now. I hope that you are able to find some peace.

Devin & Ruthann said...

I don't have a sister either and have wanted one every day of my life. Devin only has 2 sisters and they are basically siamese twins who do everything together even despite one of them being married. I really hope our next baby is a girl and the one after that too so they can have each other. But, who knows what will happen. I just wish it would be like that.

Devin & Ruthann said...

By the way, I wish you guys didn't have to have the change of moving to UT. I miss you!

Becky said...

Not all sisters are BFFs. I have two sisters and the two of them never do anything together because they are completely different and quite honestly don't get along. I have five brothers. If I had the dough do you know who I'd go see? My brother in IL. I realize my perspective is different because I have brothers and sisters. I guess since my sisters were so much older than me (7 and 12 yrs) I did everything with my brothers and I was fine and am still fine with that. If you teach your girl to love the fact she has brothers she'll be just fine.


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