Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Ideas

Yesterday, after reading this post on MMB (Mormon Mommy Blogs), I decided to try something new with my blog. I didn't want to pay $17/month for blog ideas, and I don't really like posting more than once a day, unless I really have a lot of different things to talk about, so I couldn't imagine having a blog prompt every day for a year because then I wouldn't feel free to write about other things. But the idea came to me that I have this "Journal Jar" that I made when I was a YSA (young single adult) with writing prompts for a journal or personal and family history. I've used some of them, but really, the jar just sits on my dresser. My husband has even mentioned that maybe I should get rid of the jar because I don't really use it. But I can't do that, there are some great prompts in it. So I decided to go back over the entries I've already written and re-do them blog style and then use the journal jar prompts a few times a week. When I do, I'll put the topic as the title or opening sentence, so you'll know it's a prompt.

Also, I'm going to be revamping my blog a little bit. I noticed that I have WAY too many categories, some of which have only one blog post and it's a bit confusing because some of the categories relate to each other. I also run a family blog and I spent time last week relabeling everything so I could simplify the tag categories and make it easier to find things. I also might be doing some advertising on here, at least I've had some people interested in putting ads on my blog. I'm not sure if that will be cost effective though, since my blog traffic really is quite limited, so I will be testing the waters there. And I might try to give it a new look, but I'm not sure that I'm that web-savvy. So we'll see.

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