Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts

So Mother's Day is this Sunday. I saw an article on Yahoo about the "worst Mother's Day gifts." Granted, the gifts they listed were pretty bad, but I still really hate articles like this. The articles should read what you should get your mother for Mother's Day.

If you appreciate your mother, get her something she'll appreciate. To me, Mother's Day is about appreciating mothers and letting them know that you love them and love what they do for you. I honestly don't think gifts are even necessary. Cards and letters are better because they tell how you really feel.

I usually write my mom a nice letter that I include in with a nice card. Every once in a while, I'll get together with my brothers and buy her something nice. One year we got her new dishes. This is one of those "no-no" gifts, but my mom really wanted new dishes. She really appreciated that. Last year, I sent her a copy of a book that I knew she'd enjoy. (Actually, I have a confession: I bought the book for myself, remembered it was Mother's Day in about a week, and sent her that copy. I never did buy myself another copy!)

I am fortunate if my children (and husband) get me anything for Mother's Day. In fact, until my kids were old enough to write and make their own gifts (and even realize there was such a day in the first place), my husband rarely got me anything. When I mentioned this to my mom once, she simply said, "Well, you're not his mother, are you?" I also used to feel guilty for forgetting to get my mother-in-law something, but that statement from my mom applies to that also. She's not my mother and didn't raise me, and although I care about her, it's certainly not the same sentiments I feel for my own mother.

Mostly, all I ever want is to have my husband get the kids ready for church that day and make breakfast. I don't require breakfast in bed, although that's nice. But just not having to be the one who gets up and gets it all done one day is nice. And perhaps prepares dinner, but I'm lucky if he ever has that Sunday night off. Especially since it's a holiday, he rarely gets it off work.

This year, Mother's Day happens to fall on my oldest child's eighth birthday, so we'll be celebrating that more than Mother's Day. Which is all good, because he's the first reason I am even a mother!

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