Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good Mom = Messy House?

I saw this little ditty on Totsy, which is a great website for online shopping if you've never heard of it. Go on, check it out, sign up and shop!

No, but seriously, I have seen similar little ditties posted on Facebook and other blogs many times over the past couple of years.

And I'll be honest. I'm really sick of the notion that a messy house is equal to happy kids. I understand that sometimes you don't have time to deep clean something because you have to focus on the kids, believe me, I know that! But whenever I see one of these little ditties, I feel a stab in my stomach that somehow, I'm not a good mom because my house happens to be pretty clean.

In fact, my house is clean because I enlist my kids to help with chores to keep it clean. They work with me to do it, so not only am I spending time with them, teaching them something valuable, but they are developing a work ethic and they get to live in a clean house.

For some reason, I don't see that as a bad thing.

Now I'm not saying my house is spotless, because it's not, but my house isn't the messy that's always described in these little ditties.

So I will NOT be purchasing this little ditty from Totsy. You won't ever see such a thing hanging in my house.


swedemom said...

I agree! I don't think living in filth makes for a happy family at all. I like what you said about working with your kids. I think working together makes for a happier family. I wish I was better at working with my kids. I get so impatient and yell far too much.

Royalbird said...

Ha! Yelling happens a lot around here too but we have had some good moments where jobs got done without yelling or help and everyone was happy. It is a work in progress, that's for sure!


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