Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

I'm not a huge participant of New Year's celebrations.  The fact is that I'm not a late-night person.  If I don't get to bed before 10 pm, I have a hard time sleeping at all and just feel gross the next day.  I've always been this way; this isn't something brought on by motherhood or being over thirty.   I've never been much of a late sleeper, either, even when I do go to bed too late.  I physically can't sleep in--I get too hungry (even when I'm not pregnant, when I'm pregnant, this is ten times worse) by about 6 am to stay in bed, and I always always have to use the bathroom around that time, so it's pretty impossible to sleep in.  Which is why I'm not a huge fan of New Year's celebrations.

But I do enjoy one aspect of ringing in the new year.  I love to set goals for myself.  I love fresh starts and new beginnings.  Even if the goals I set are the same, or very similar, to the goals I set the previous year, it gives me a time to start fresh and try again to do better.  Most of my goals aren't anything you can accomplish, set out and finish, say they're done, and move on anyway.  I tend to set goals that are continual circles to keep on with personal growth.

1.  I will lose the baby weight after this baby is born by eating better and starting an exercise program, to be determined at my six week date from having the baby.
2.  I will read the Sunday school reading assignments and the reading for Relief Society every week.
3.  I will read the books for my book group every month and keep up with the other books on my "to-read" list on Goodreads.
4.  I will (with my husband's help) keep a tighter reign on the budget so we can get 75% or more of our debt paid off this year.
5.  I will try to go on a date at least every other week with my husband.  This is hard for us because his schedule changes weekly and it's very difficult to find babysitters on weeknights or during the day, which is when he's usually available for a date.  Friday and Saturday nights are rarely free for him as he has to work.
I'm excited about the new year and the chance to work on improving myself again.  Here's to 2013!

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