Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yes, I am guilty of letting the T.V. babysit the kids. I have to admit this to ease my guilt (somehow confessions help ease it, I don't know why). I have had more than my fair share of days where I let the kids watch T.V. practically all day. However, I only let them watch PBS, which, I feel, has the most educational and worthwhile shows for kids, or a DVD from our substantial collection.

I've read the research about how T.V. isn't good for young children. I was raised in a home where we didn't watch a lot of T.V. growing up. We spent way more time playing outside than watching television. But I can't help myself, with 4 kids under 5, I sometimes don't have the energy to do anything more. Letting them play outside takes great effort for me because I have to check on them constantly or they do things they shouldn't. And when I let them play inside, they sometimes get way too rambunctious.

So I need to do better, I admit it, but please tell me I'm not alone! I hope not! I try to fill their time with more worthwhile activities, but some days, I let the T.V. take over. I confess!

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