Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Always Alone

Today we went to lunch at McDonald's. I don't usually do this and if I ever stop for fast food, we do the drive through, get one gigantic thing of the chicken nuggets and share it at home with our own sides of fresh fruit and milk to drink. But we were out and about and nowhere near home, so we stopped and went in, the three little ones and me (my oldest was at school). We came in, sat by the play structure, ate our food, and then I let my little ones go play.

Then I looked around. I noticed that there were several other little ones there playing and of course, several other mothers. But they were all in clumps, two mothers at one table talking while their children played, three mothers over there doing the same thing.

And then I realized that is how it usually is. Whenever I do venture out, it seems everyone else is there with a friend but I am always alone.

Sometimes it would be nice to go out and meet some friends for a lunch date with the kids. I don't mind being along, but sometimes, having someone to talk to while the kids play for 30 minutes would be so much more fun for me.


NatureGirl said...

Count me in. How close are you to Idaho? ;)

Royalbird said...

Close enough for a day trip, not close enough for just a lunch out!

Khourt said...

Im normally in a rush when I stop at fast food so Im also alone.. I always end up feeling bad not only for myself because I think Man I wish I could be sitting around chatting but I feel bad for my kiddos also thinking Man I wish the could go play for a while haha..

Emily said...

Well, if we move to Utah I'm always up for a lunch date!

Evelyn Perkins said...

I have a hard time initiating these kinds of things, but I'm always impressed how a good playdate chat with another mom can lighten my load. Of course, you need to find the right kind of mommy/friend. There are some total weirdo moms out there. haha!


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