Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Light Reading

My 3-year-old is flipping through the phone book right now. It's not a book of many pictures, so I'm wondering how it has kept him interested for nearly 20 minutes! I find it fascinating the things that can sometimes capture my children's interests, if even for a small moment.

The phone book.
Taking all the DVDs out of their cases.
Pulling all the plastic lids out of the kitchen drawer.
Putting all the plastic lids back into the kitchen drawer.
Sticking all the bow hair clips on a towel or sheet.
Pairing all the shoes in the closet.

There are many, many more, but my mind is blank now, after being interrupted by another of my children for the umpteenth time. Happens every time I try to write when they're awake (sometimes when they're asleep too!).

Any interesting, uh, activities that capture your little ones' undivided attention for an unusually long period of time?

(she kept busy spinning for a LONG time, but when I pulled out the camera, she stopped)

1 comment:

Khourt said...

I could have written the DVD bit. My little girl just adores taking all of the dvds out of their cases *sigh*.. Needless to say I FINALLY found a cabinet lock that works!!


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