Friday, January 21, 2011

Still Sick

Well, we've been working on the positive thinking the last few days, and my son has been much more positive. However, he is still sick. Later that day when I last posted, he had another severe bout of vomiting and had diarrhea all day. I took him in to the doctor after calling the nurse line for advice and they got us in right away. She is running more tests--this time on his stool. Unfortunately, he hasn't had a bowel movement since Wednesday before that appointment, so I haven't been able to collect and turn it in to the lab for the tests. I'm getting a little antsy as we are approaching the weekend (and the lab is closed over the weekend).

I've noticed that there is a little bit of a pattern in his bouts of stomach illness. He has it for a day or two. At first, he was only better for a day or two. Then after his third bout with the illness, he was better for a little over a week. Then he got sick again. Then he was better for almost 2 weeks and got sick again.

I've been pushing probiotics in the form of yogurt for now, until I can get more advice on what else to give him. I've been pushing vitamins. He has a prescription for Prevacid to relieve the acid reflux caused by so much throwing up. Hopefully something will work. If they can find out if there's a bacteria or virus or parasite that is in his digestive tract, they will probably be able to treat that. Otherwise, we've been referred to a gastroenterologist.

I'm trying to be positive and keep happy, but life is not normal right now. He does not act like himself. I'd hate to think this is the new normal. I want my fun, happy, energetic 7-year-old back. He's been replaced by this grumpy, sick, frowny, lethargic little guy that I don't even recognize.

I hope they can figure something out. Or that with lots of rest, lots of fluids (I'm pushing fluids too), the vitamins, the probiotics, and the Prevacid, he'll improve. And lots of prayer.

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swedemom said...

I'm sorry to hear that your son is still sick. That is so difficult and frustrating. I'll keep him in my prayers.

I was happy to read that your positive thinking is going so well. I'm proud of both of you!


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