Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reading Books Just Because

I joined the website Goodreads not too long ago and it's been great for finding books to read from my friends and also for keeping a list of books to read in a place I can always find it.

However, I'm finding that I'm adding books to my list that I don't really want to read. I'm only adding them because so many other people have read them and they are classic books.

One such set of these books are the books by Tolkien. I realize that he is quite revered in many circles; in fact, many of my own family members love his books. So I decided that I needed to read "The Lord of the Rings". I did some research and decided to read "The Hobbit" first. My husband also read it a few months ago.

This book is complete drudgery to me. I'm not the least bit interested in the characters or the plot. I've never read "The Lord of the Rings" either, but I lost interest about 1/3 of the way through the first movie. It's just not up my alley. I love fantasy and really get into certain types, but this type is just not something I'm interested in.

But I'd still like to try and read the books. Maybe I'll find more to be interested in as I go along, I don't know. Right now, I'm about 1/4 of the way into "The Hobbit" and bored out of my mind every time I pick the dreadful thing up.

I guess some books and some people just don't mesh!


swedemom said...

You are so right, not every book meshes with all people. I liked Tolkien's books, but personally feel they appeal more to men. However, I HATE Charles Dickens, with the exception of A Christmas Carol. As a girl with a degree in English Lit, it's practically manditory to read and like his books. I can't stand them. I also hated the Twilight books. Terrible story, awful writing, and the fan reaction makes it even worse!

I think it is just fine to have an opinion about books.

Royalbird said...

I think Tolkien is a good writer, but I'm just not interested in the story or the characters. I have only ever read Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, and that was for ninth grade English, so I can't really say whether or not I like Dickens. I really didn't like the Twilight books either. I wanted to because everyone else did, but they were horrible--lame characters and bad writing. I love Harry Potter though. I think J.K. Rowlings is a genius. In fact, I just re-read them for about the 10th time and I still love them.

Jana Perkins said...

For me it's Mark Twain. Don't like him at all, and I've tried reading three of this books and just couldn't finish them. I totally understand.

Since you liked the Harry Potter series, have you read the Fablehaven series yet. I think it's on the same level.

PC said...

I found the Lord of the Rings books much more interesting and even enthralling than the movies, personally. (for what it's worth)


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