Thursday, January 12, 2012


Am I the only one whose life is kind of boring?

Whenever I call friends or family, they are always too busy to talk. They are too busy to get together. They are busy, busy, busy.

I have five kids and many of them have less.

What are they so busy with that I'm not? Am I really missing something in my life that I'm not so busy? Am I doing something wrong? Why is my life so boring and theirs so full?

I can't figure it out. You'd think five children would keep me pretty stinking busy, but it doesn't. My kids are pretty self-sufficient. They can entertain themselves the majority of the time. I do try to plan things to do, but it's overwhelming to me to plan every little detail of our lives, so I don't. Am I lazy?

In a typical day, I wake up during the night to my baby's cries and often don't get back to a deep sleep at all the rest of the night. I finally drag my weary body out of bed around 6:30 am because that's when the kids have to start getting ready for their day, especially the older ones who are in school. After the kids leave for the bus, I shower if I haven't already. I do preschool with my two older kids still at home (ages 4 and 5). I put the baby down for a morning nap. There isn't a whole lot to do at this point. I'll get online and check blogs, maybe blog a little, check Facebook, check email. Sometimes I'll chat with a friend, but usually they are all too busy. After the baby wakes up, we'll run any errands or go to playgroup or go to the library. In the summers we'll go outside.

Lunch is around noon. Then it's naptime again. I'll often catch a snooze while the baby is sleeping and the kids are either playing, doing artwork (we have an art station set up that is always open), watching Nick, Jr. on TV or playing phonics games on the computer together. Sometimes I let them play the Wii during this time. Often this nap will last until the older ones get home from school. Then it's homework time, dinnertime and bedtime. Some nights the kids have dance or cub scouts or other activities, but I don't like to sign them up for too much because then it's just me driving them around to places with other cranky kids and not having time to make a proper dinner.

My day sounds pretty full, so I can't figure out why my life is so boring and I'm so un-busy compared to everyone else. What am I missing?

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