Monday, January 23, 2012

Moment of Joy

I have decided that I am going to try better and write about the more positive things in my life this year. My problem is that I often have a hard time seeing them. So yesterday, after I told my husband this little story on the phone while he was at work, I thought, I should write that on my blog!

We have been having enormous problems getting our baby to sleep well at night. Saturday night was no exception. He fussed quite a bit a couple hours after going down, but I let him fuss. He woke up around 1 am fussing, but I let him fuss. I normally let him fuss and hope he goes back to sleep (still makes me not sleep though) and only go in there to get him if he's really screaming. At 4:30 am on Sunday morning, he woke up screaming. I finally went in about 5 am and gave him a bottle. He wouldn't go back to sleep. Basically, that's how the whole morning went. I finally managed to coax him into a nap around 10 am but he only slept for one hour. He fell asleep in my arms at church, something that has only happened one other time with this baby (randomly falling asleep that is).

But after church, my husband went to work and I went home with the kids. We had our dinner and then the kids went upstairs to play.

My little boy loves to climb the stairs, and he loves to play with his big siblings, so he followed them up the stairs. I was two steps behind him the whole way to make sure he didn't fall. Once he got up, though, the kids didn't want him in their room since they were playing with Legos, so they shut the door. So I dumped out the bucket of Lego duplos for him to play with in the hallway and sat with him at the top of the stairs.

He picked up a Lego and threw up his arm, letting go so the Lego randomly flew through the air. It made him laugh, so he kept doing it. Then, once, he accidentally threw one down the stairs. That was incredibly funny to him, so he spend the next little while trying to intentionally throw the Legos down the stairs. He'd crawl carefully to the top of the stairs and peek over the edge whenever one disappeared down and then he'd laugh. Then, he'd hold his hand out to me and screech until I held my hand out and he gave me a high five. It was so cute and funny, I wish I could have video recorded it.

That was my moment of joy yesterday.

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swedemom said...

Your baby has such a cute laugh. I imagine that it really was fun and happy to listen to him.


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