Monday, March 26, 2012

One of the Family's Faves: Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff (Recipe Included)

We have a pot roast almost every Sunday.  It's mostly because with a two-plus pound roast, I can usually get at least two meals from it, and many times three meals.  Even though the price of the meat has gone up, I buy it when it's on sale and stock it up in my freezer.   I'm always looking for ways to use the leftover meat in meals later in the week.  So far, I have two winners:  beef stew, which is just made by putting the leftover meat, cut up, into the leftover gravy, and cutting up the leftover potatoes and carrots into the gravy also, and crock pot beef stroganoff.  The stew is so easy--I just put it in the fridge that way after we eat our roast and then pull it out on heat it stovetop on the night we'll eat it for dinner, making homemade biscuits to go with it.  The stroganoff recipe I actually found online and the original recipe requires some upfront prep, using uncooked stew meat, so I've tweaked it to meet our needs.  The kids love this recipe and we usually eat it about once a week, on a day when I need to have most of the meal preparation done in advance (like today when I take my daughter and all the other kids to her dance class that goes from 4:30-5:30, the stroganoff is ready when we get home and all I have to do is make a side salad and cook the pasta).

After we eat the roast, I cut up the leftover meat.  Half of it goes into the beef stew and put right into the fridge.  The other half gets cut into chunks also and put into a container to store in the fridge until we use it for stroganoff.

Ingredients I use:
Pre-roasted beef, cut into chunks
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 soup can water
1 beef bouillon cube
optional: 1 small can mushroom stems and pieces, drained (my kids don't like these, although I do add them on occasion)
minced onions, or cut up a fresh onion

All I do is put all the above ingredients into the crock pot and cook it on low for about 4 hours.  When I get home from the dance class, I boil the noodles and make the sides for our meal.  In about fifteen minutes, we have beef stroganoff served over noodles.  I've also served it over rice before, which the kids didn't like as much because they aren't big fans of rice.  This is a meal they scarf down every time I serve it.

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