Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't Blink

"Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did"--Kenny Chesney

I was rocking my baby to sleep tonight and thinking about how in eleven days he will be a one-year-old.  Then I started thinking how my oldest will be nine in about two months.  Then, I realized that ten comes after nine and YIKES!  My oldest will be double digits next year!

How did I not realize that ten was after nine?  I just kept thinking the past several years that he had so long to go until he was in double digits and all of a sudden, he has just over a year left before it comes.  And once he hits ten, it's not very long after that the others do too.

Sometimes, I find myself trying to remember what my oldest was like as a baby, if my youngest is much like my oldest, and I honestly can't remember the cute things my oldest would do.  I think that one of the only things that makes me sad (according to my understanding, that is) about eternal life is that we are only children for one small brief moment in all eternity.  Childhood is so sweet and so fleeting.  I love the people my children are slowly becoming, but it is happening too fast.  Yet, it's hard for me to enjoy the babyhood part of it because it's so hard, with the frustrated crying and the sleepless nights and the teething, etc.  I have a hard time seizing those special moments and cherishing them.  I know they will be gone so quickly, but being in the here and now can be so hard sometimes.

It's like a constant contradiction--I want them to grow up so they can do more things but I want them to stay little so they are sweet and innocent and adorable forever!

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Jana Perkins said...

It's so true! It happens so fast and yet you feel as though teething (etc) will never end.

I find myself watching old movies of when my kids were younger and love the memories they bring with them. And my oldest isn't even that old yet. It's so fleeting!


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