Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Week

I am suffering from a bad week and a bad mood which has made me unmotivated to blog.

First of all we're still going through all the infertility testing to figure out why we can't seem to conceive again. That hasn't been very exciting. I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, aka PCOS. That means that my ovaries do not make eggs. Instead, a cyst forms where the egg is supposed to be. So when I'm supposed to ovulate, I don't. Since there's no egg to fertilize, well, you can see where this is going. My doctor recommends a certain progesterone treatment to sort of reset my cycle and go from there or we can do the fertility drug clomid, but before we do anything like that with me, we need to get the dear husband checked to make sure that it's not his fault too. Given some of his weird medical issues, which I won't delve into here, he possibly could be contributing to the problem. We shall see.

The second thing that came up this week is that my husband is being transferred. The company he works for is family-owned, not franchised, and until he is a store manager, he can be transferred anywhere in the division. He had finally convinced his store manager where he works currently to allow him two Sundays off and work the other two Sunday nights. Unfortunately, he isn't going to ever be able to have that schedule because the manager at the new store isn't so flexible. I'm terribly bummed because I felt like this huge burden was lifted from me when he told me that about the Sundays two weeks ago, and now it's back and worse than ever because he'll be gone a LOT of Sunday days.

Last is that we found out from our landlord yesterday that we will not be able to renew our contract in October because he will be selling the house. So we have to move. I'm hoping and praying that we can find something in the school boundaries so my kids won't have to start school on August 26th and then start a new school on October 4th.

So I've been pretty stressed out and down in the dumps all week.

We rode our bikes to Iceberg today and got shakes. It really helped dispel some of the gloom.

The wonders of chocolate ice cream, I tell you.


swedemom said...

Jenna, please email me your phone number so we can talk. Hugs to you.


Amber said...

Well. I know what you mean. My husband has started working every other Sunday morning (he works every Sunday but rotates shifts so he can come to church with us) and it is hard. So hard.

Check your e-mail, I sent you a message. : )

Devin & Ruthann said...

Moving again? I feel for you guys!

Sorry about the baby troubles too. Not a fun week!


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