Thursday, June 3, 2010

Being a Grown-up is Boring

I go to parks with my kids all the time. Usually, I'm all alone. Being that I arrive alone, I have two choices. I can sit on the bench and watch my kids have fun. Perhaps I could bring along a book. Or I can get up and get in the game with them and actually have fun.

But when I look around, sometimes I see other moms there who also don't have a friend to chat with while their children play. I never see any of these other moms playing with their kids. I'll see them walking around to check on them, maybe pushing them on the swings, or catching them at the bottom of the slide, but I hardly ever see them climbing up with their children to slide down with them in one big long train or hang on the monkey bars with them or even swinging alongside them.

So I've decided. Being a grown-up is boring. I refuse to be boring. So I will play with my kids whenever I can. Because I don't want to be boring.

By the way...I can still do a back flip off the swing. My kids thought I was awesome.


Devin & Ruthann said...

Sometimes I feel bad for being boring like that...watching instead of playing...but then remember how much I DO FOR them, and remember to not be so hard on myself. I was actually going to post about it...

Stacy said...

I'm a "bring a book" kind of mom all the way. Seriously. I want that time to myself while the kiddos are having fun.

And a backflip off the swing? I'm not worthy!

swedemom said...

I love how each person has different styles. usually I go to the park for a bit of a break while my kiddos run around. At the moment, I'm lugging a baby around so I'll push Brooke on the swing, but don't necessarily join in all her play.

Awesome that you can do a backflip. I've never done one, not even when I was a kid.

Royalbird said...

I admit, I don't always do this. Sometimes I'm just too tired and need a break. But we go to parks so often, and when it's particularly beautiful and I'm feeling active and energetic, I can't stand just sitting there or even just following them around. I have to play too. I just haven't *ever* seen another mom playing with her kids the way I do sometimes.

Today was a lazy park day. I sat and watched and we only stayed about 20 minutes.

I do have a daredevil child though who requires careful supervision at parks. I wish I could just sit and read sometimes, but I never can because of that child. When she gets older (she's only 2!) I might feel more at ease letting her go.

Jackie said...

OH! What a cute mom you are! I love this!

I'm going to stop being so boring!


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