Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Summers

I am missing me a hot summer right now!

I went to the park with the kids and met some friends there. We were sitting on a blanket, mostly in the shade. I haven't been able to wear shorts much this year and had them on today.

Can I just tell you that I am not used to my legs and arms being so white by the middle of June? Maybe at the beginning of March, this whiteness is normal. But by June, I'm used to being brown, brown, brown, along with all the kids. We had to slather on the sunscreen something fierce today and still got a little pink.

We also went to the splash pad. Can I just say that the water here is like splashing ice all over yourself? I like my water warm enough that it's only slightly less than the temperature of my skin, so it's not so cold that when the wind blows I turn into a popsicle. The kids were crying because the water was so cold and the wind was blowing. The temperature might read 80+ but the water and wind says it all.

Not hot enough for me.

*this picture was actually taken last summer in San Diego. I haven't uploaded the pics from today yet--complete with blue lips and goose bumps

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swedemom said...

I was used to hot summers in Wyoming as a child, even where the weather is a little erratic. When we moved to Sweden I was so shocked to endure such cold, rainy summers. My kids didn't wear shorts. We went to the beach if the temperature got above 60 degrees. It was insane. The summer I was pregnant with Josef, my kids wore jackets every single day. The only time it was warm the whole summer was when I was in the hospital without air conditioning when Josef was born. It was crazy. I learned to never hedge my bets with Swedish summers. And I learned to appreciate the sun and warm weather. We are enjoying a warm summer thus far--although the kids are still in school. BAh. . . I hate the long school year here!


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