Thursday, June 17, 2010

Common Courtesy

These days people lack common courtesy and civility. I am sitting in my house and can hear very clearly the music being played from my neighbor's garage. It's almost 9 pm and my children are trying to go to sleep.

Note: if other people can hear your music off your property---it's too loud!

Same with your car.

I really don't like sitting in traffic having to listen to somebody's rap music blasting out of their car, especially when my windows are rolled up AND their windows are rolled up. And when they aren't even stopped next to me, but are several cars away.

Would they like me to blast my Beach Boys that loud or my country music? Or maybe they'd like to hear my Singles Ward soundtrack at full volume?

I'm positive they would be just as annoyed as me if they had to endure my taste in music.

Why can't people just have common courtesy and consideration for others?

*image courtesy Google images

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