Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Change of Seasons

I don't like cold weather, but I love the change of the seasons. I like when summer cools off and turns into autumn, and leaves change their colors and fall to the ground. Schools starts, a fresh new year for learning. I like the holidays that autumn brings--first Halloween with all the decorations and costumes and treats, then Thanksgiving with the delicious food and family. I love how it turns colder and the first snows come and then comes Christmas and hot chocolate with marshmallows and sitting by the fire. Then I love how it gradually warms up and buds start popping up everywhere, little blades of grass poking through the snow, and little animals and birds everywhere. Then I love when it turns hot and school gets out for the summer and there is the feel of freedom in the air. The days are longer and the nights are warm with starry skies and fireworks popping. There is swimming and playing outside and Popsicles to eat.

I love autumn, probably because it's synonymous with back-to-school. You know, autumn leaves and school buses, kids playing on the playground, crunching the leaves, wearing jackets to the bus stop in the morning but layering so when the day warms up, they can take the jacket off. I just love the change of the season from summer into autumn, but probably because I love the start of a new school year.

I love buying new school supplies. I love the idea of a fresh start. In fact, I used to teach school, and while I don't really want to be teaching right now, at this time of year, I envy teachers and the fresh start they get. They get to set up their classrooms to greet a whole new batch of students. They get to make new plans and try new ideas and implement the old ones that are successful. I miss that part about teaching and every year as a new school year is getting underway, I wish I could be a part of it.

Welcome, Autumn!


swedemom said...

I think where you live where much determines how you feel about seasons. Growing up in Wyoming, I loved all the seasons. They were fun to anticipate and experience.

When we moved to Sweden, I dreaded fall and winter, because it was so long, gray and cold. Spring and Summer were so brief and didn't satiate my need for warmth and sunshine. For the record, once fall hit, usually in late August or early September, the cold season would last until late May or early June.I also found the cold season to be much less tolerable as we didn't have a car so we relied upon walking, biking or public transportation--in all kinds of weather, rain, shine or snow. I have some very vivid, unhappy memories of biking with rain pouring down on me. I didn't have a choice but to continue because the rain wouldn't let up and I was anxious to get home and get dry!

Now that I live in New York, I love fall and all the seasons. It helps that I drive, so you don't really experience the cold too badly!

Royalbird said...

I don't particularly like being cold and I hate driving in snow, but I like that there are differences between spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Swedish seasons do not sound fun at all. I guess I'll take Utah, even with the cold and snow!


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