Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Lesson Gleaned from Parenting

I've been thinking lately about how parenthood makes us grow and the thought came to my mind that we become parents because we need to re-learn life lessons as we teach them to our children.

Ever have to tell a child who's looking for a missing puzzle piece, "Don't worry, it will turn up," and then have to tell that to yourself the very next day when you can't find your wedding ring?

Ever tell a child that sometimes you have to make a hard decision, but in the end it will be worth it if you do your best and then you have a hard decision to face but don't want to make it?

Often I find myself giving advice to my children that I still haven't learned to completely follow. It's stuff we all know we should do, know, understand, believe, etc., but it's hard advice to follow ourselves. Yet they are all important lessons to learn.

Sometimes as I'm imparting such wise words to my children, I stop and think to myself about how I can live those words better and be a better example to my children by practicing what I preach.

Of course, there are always those things that you can never learn unless you experience it for yourself. Like parenthood.

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