Monday, July 19, 2010


I am so tired, but I probably won't sleep at all tonight. I am just completely nervous about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, my husband is having some minor outpatient surgery. Even though it's minor and outpatient, it will still take up a huge chunk of the day. My niece is flying in from Arizona in the afternoon. My sister-in-law is watching my kids in the morning and then she's supposed to pick up the niece in the afternoon (a 10-year-old needs to be picked up at the gate by an adult). I'm so worried that we won't be done at the hospital by the time my sister-in-law has to leave for the airport. She can't bring all the kids to the gate.

My house isn't ready for our guest even though I did my best to clean it well on Saturday. I meant to vacuum today but now it's too late. The kids won't stay asleep if I run the vacuum now. And I won't have time in the morning as we have to leave for the surgery at 6:30 am.

On Wednesday, the store of my husband's work chain opens up near us. Because of that, the pre-opening party is tomorrow night and DH really wants to go. I'm nervous that he won't be able to go and then I'll take all the kids by myself, which is always such a treat when there's nowhere to sit.

So I'm just nervous. Wish I could sleep. Wish DH had taken tonight off and worked the day shift today so he could be home, getting some sleep and helping to calm my nerves.

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Amber said...

I am so sorry. I am feeling nervous right with you! It doesn't matter how "minor" the procedure is supposed to be, it is still scary!

I am thinking about you. I can't get on the internet much these days, but I still think about you very often.


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