Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ramona And Beezus: The Movie!

As I indicated in my earlier post, Dear Friends, I loved the Ramona books growing up and have been re-reading them this last week since I ordered the whole set from my son's classroom Scholastic book order.

So I was thrilled when I saw the trailer for this movie on ABC Family today:

Although I can already point out many discrepancies just by watching the trailer, I am so excited!

I'm very curious to see if it encompasses the whole series but focuses mostly on the relationship between Beezus and Ramona, or if it just uses the characters from the books and some of the same mishaps but nothing else is the same or what.

I will definitely be at this movie on July 23rd. Hopefully I will be taking my niece with me who will be in town for a visit.

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