Saturday, July 31, 2010

Uncomfortable Situations

I ran into an old boyfriend today at the community swimming pool. Of all places, it had to be the one place where you are wearing next to nothing and all the flaws show. Plus my husband wasn't with me, as he had to work, which was another manifestation of how cruddy we have it sometimes because that old boyfriend was there with his wife and kids having a nice time all together as a family. They had the "divide and conquer" thing going on and I was busy chasing my four kids around the pool trying to keep them from drowning.

Seriously, it wasn't that bad because I had my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law there with me, and three more children besides my own. They did help out quite a bit, but I felt like I spent most of the time scanning the pool for my kids to make sure they were all okay. Which also meant that he and his family crossed into my vision a lot. I hope they didn't think I was trying to spy on them or anything.

The best thing was that my boys kept fighting with his boys over the toys that my sister-in-law brought.

This is the guy that I probably would have married if the circumstances at the time were slightly different. I did date him for two years. I did wait for him on his mission for two years. I even dated him again when he got home. I'm not sure what went wrong exactly, except that we both married other people. I dated a few other guys in between and even had a near-marriage proposal from one of the others. But even running into him wasn't the same awkwardness as this guy.

I loved having my in-laws with me. It was a great reminder that if I'd married that guy, I wouldn't even know the awesome people I was with at that pool. I'm lucky that I get along smashingly well with my in-laws, even my mother-in-law. No issues there at all. This old boyfriend's parents and family didn't really like me very much. I never could figure out why, but looking back, I can only imagine what kind of in-laws they'd be. Certainly not like the ones I have!

Ever run into an old boyfriend or someone you used to really have a crush on, since marriage and kids? How did that go?


swedemom said...

I still see one of my old boyfriends occasionally. We are still friends and keep in touch. I was very much in love with him for a long time. But every time I see him, since I married Brent, I am so glad that I married Brent. We have such a happy marriage and Brent has turned out to be such a great husband. This old boyfriend hasn't really turned out so great--he is still decent, but I don't think I would have been happy with him.
I did have a catty moment though when I saw him a few weeks ago. I finally met his wife. She is very nice, cultured and intelligent. But she is very homely compared to me. Awful, I know. But I took some bit of pleasure from that.

But I am glad I can look at him and feel no regrets whatsoever about my life and my choices.

Spring said...

This happens to me every time we go to visit my sister. I didn't really have boyfriend's in high school, but I did date a lot. Several of those guys are in my sister's ward. It's no big deal to me, I'm so happy where I am and I am happy that they all have their own families that seeing them isn't awkward. It has taken several years for me to feel comfortable in Relief Society. I would say hello to their wives and get some serious cold shoulder treatment. And don't get me started on some of their mother's, who forbade their sons to date me. I think, after being married for 8 years, they finally all believe that I'm not visiting as a home wrecker! :) Awkward situations come in all different ways! :)

Jackie said...

I ran into a middle school student at the pool 8 months pregnant. Does that count for awkwardness?

Karen Long said...

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NatureGirl said...

I never run into exes because I don't have many and live a long way from "home" so instead I get to run into my husband's exes...the last one was at? You guessed it...the pool!

Brooke said...

Ok, that would be so awkward. I am glad that you realized how thankful you were to be married to the man that you are and the family you married into. I don't know if that has happened to me.


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