Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Marriage Challenge: Let Him Lead

Here's this week's challenge: Support his vision. Discuss his vision for your family. Where does he see your family in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years. Share with us how you let your husband lead.

This was an interesting conversation. I asked my husband to tell me what his vision is for us, for our family. He was totally taken aback and didn't really know what I meant. I explained about this challenge and asked him where he saw us in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years. It turns out, he doesn't really have a vision for us. I brought up how he is always goal-setting and meeting those goals for his job, so did he have any goals for the path our family should take? He didn't really have anything to say for a while and then he said, "I guess I'll have to think about that one." We haven't talked about it since.

My husband is not a goal-oriented person. If he didn't have to set goals for his job, he probably wouldn't, and I'm not even sure how much he uses those goals as guidelines for his job either. He probably sets them because he meets with a superior who has him do it but then doesn't really think about them specifically as he goes about his job, getting things done. He just gets the things done that need to be done. When it comes to the family, I'm pretty much the take-charge, goal-oriented visionary.

During that discussion, I brought up how being the husband, father and priesthood leader of our home, he is the leader. So then I asked him where he thinks he is leading us and how we can better follow? He didn't really know and said he had never thought about that before. I guess I hadn't really either until this challenge.

I definitely have my ideas of where I want us to be. The problem is that I like things to be a certain way and he's quite easy going so often he'll just go along with whatever I want. So I didn't really say anything about what I thought because I want to see what he thinks. I guess we'll try discussing it again sometime soon.

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