Friday, July 2, 2010

Wife Swap

Call me crazy, but I have become addicted to this show.

I watch the re-runs that are on Lifetime during the afternoons. I don't even know if they make new ones anymore. But I love seeing the different lifestyles and how different women do things. It's also interesting to see what they can contribute to another family and what they can gain from that family.

I don't like some of the drama--some of it is pretty lame. Especially considering the fact that the families signed up for the swap, I don't understand why so many are resistant when the new mom changes the rules for her week in charge. I suppose it's all for TV, maybe the producers tell them to resist the changes.

When I watch, I always think about what I would bring to the swap if I were doing it, but I'm not sure if we are extreme enough in any way that we live to even be able to do it. It seems they always get people who are so extreme one way or another. We try to maintain a pretty balanced life as much as possible--all things in moderation.

Not that I would ever sign up for such a thing. Living with another family and not knowing anyone there would be way too awkward and I doubt I could ever get my husband on board.

Though I did read somewhere that you get compensated quite nicely for doing it. We could certainly use $20K in many different ways.


Khourt said...

I am also addicted to that show... The drama is uncalled for but it is nice to see how others operate. I also see how they pick the extreme families and have thought about what it would be like to be on that show but my family isnt extreme enough... Then again I think compared to some of those families that our family could be seen as "different"..

Amber said...

I am laughing because I used to watch this show constantly when I was a teen. In fact, I was JUST thinking about it the other day! I can't believe they have reruns now! It kind of makes me want to get cable. Of course, to do that, we would need to buy a TV as well.

Jackie said...

Have you seen the one with that crazy family who thinks water is bad for you and they brush their teeth with clay and don't clean at all and wake up in the middle of the night to drink raw eggs?


Stacy said...

I actually got solicited to audition for that show once. It still makes me laugh to think about. They don't let anyone who has kids under the age of 5 participate though. Not that I would have done it anyway, but it was still funny.

Royalbird said...

Really, Stacy? That's cool. But I've seen kids under 5 on the show, so that's interesting. Although it makes sense to have school-age/potty trained children. But some of the re-runs I've watched recently have had kids as young as 16 months.


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