Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrity Friends

Okay, not really. I don't actually have any friends that are real celebrities. I have had acquaintances in the past that are now celebrities, okay, really only one. That's Jessica Simpson. She went to my elementary school and junior high. I have a video tape that contains her singing a solo in a junior high school choir production when she was in 7th grade and I was in 9th grade. She's also scattered throughout my yearbook from the school year '92-'93. And that year, I helped her and a bunch of her friends get ready for cheerleading tryouts. She tried out and made eighth grade cheerleader. We moved the following year, so I have no idea if she did 9th grade cheerleading or not. I know she wasn't one in high school.

Sometimes I read the Yahoo articles that are about celebrities and their fashion no-nos. I was reading one that was highlighting and grading many on the red carpet and realized that I am always drawn to Salma Hayek. She just seems like a nice person. Whenever I've seen her on talk shows, I've always been impressed with her.

So I wonder. Which celebrity could I be friends with given different circumstances? I think Salma Hayek and I would be friends if she weren't a celebrity. Or maybe if I were one. Hmmm. Something to think about.

What do you think? Which one(s) would you be friends with?

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swedemom said...

You didn't say if you liked Jessica Simpson or not. Was she nice? Was she stuck-up, shy, outgoing, pretty????

Royalbird said...
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Royalbird said...

I can't really say whether I liked her or not. Given my fascination in those days with being popular, even though she was two grades younger than me, I probably would have been ecstatic if she had become my friend. She was popular. But, like most of the gorgeous popular blondes I've ever known, she was a bit snobby. Popular people can't help it. They know they're elite and need for everyone else to know it too. Only my opinion though, as an outsider. I didn't know her well enough to really say that's how she was. She wasn't very nice to my geeky brother, that's for sure.

AndreaF said...

I think Sandra Bullock and I could be buddies. She seems really cool. Also I like to think I would like Gwyneth Paltrow as I get told on a regular basis that I look like her. Hmm. Who else? Let me think on that.


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