Thursday, May 27, 2010

Social Awkwardness

I am such a dufus. I went to the CBC '10 Girls' Night Out tonight. But I really don't know anyone else there. So I stand there, awkwardly, like a wallflower at a dance, not knowing whom to approach since everyone else there seems to know at least one other person and are all engaged in conversation. I don't want to be rude and walk up to someone and jump right into the conversation, but nobody really invites you in either.

So, after about 20 minutes of painful discomfort, eyes desperately searching for familiar faces (why can't you bloggers whose blogs I frequent look like your pictures???), I finally give up and leave. I feel like such a schmuck. I just can't handle an uncomfortable social situation like that.

I won't be able to make it to tomorrow's daytime classes, since the husband had to work, but I'm planning on trying again at tomorrow night's social event. Let's see if I can beat 20 minutes. At least I stayed 15 minutes longer this time than the last time I attempted to attend a blogging girl's night out.


Amber said...

Shoot. If only I had known you before hand! Still, it was lovely meeting you! I know how you feel. I went to a blogging get together a few months ago and it was awful. I knew absolutely no one and felt horribly lonely. There were two ladies who befriended me and pretty much saved the day. The next one you decide to go to, e-mail me and we can hang out together! As long as you don't mind me lugging my kiddos with me. : )

Royalbird said...

Awe, thanks! I must confess, I didn't even attempt to go on Friday night. My husband had somewhere to be, and even though we'd hired a sitter, I canceled on the premise that I didn't feel good, it was mostly that I just didn't want to have a sitter come for only 20-30 minutes. I am so lame. Next time, though.


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