Friday, May 7, 2010

Tight Budget

I sometimes wish that I could spend money without having to worry about a budget. Just spend it without thinking about it, see something I like and buy it. I could do that when I was single and teaching school. At least in a more carefree way than I can now.

I just went to the store with all four kids to buy some supplies for the making of my oldest child's birthday cake. I was out of cake mix at home and needed to buy a few other things. While I was there, I was tempted to purchase a whole bunch of cake decorating supplies. But it's not in the budget right now and what I've already got at home will be good enough for the cake I'm making.

Then we went into the food aisles to buy his breakfast cereal. I swear, everything I passed looked good. Being thirsty and hungry and shopping is not a good combination. Even the soda looked good! I must have put about six different items in my cart that I later took out and placed back on the shelf, knowing that I didn't really need to buy it. Then we walked by the clothes.

My summer wardrobe is so sad. Actually, so is my winter wardrobe. I did get to buy a few new things last February with some money I earned on my own. I try to buy one or two things when I spot a really good clearance deal. But nothing I own is very stylish or nice.

It would be so fun to go shopping on someone else's ticket. Like winning a $1000 shopping spree to wherever I please. I would go to Ross and load up. Maybe hit up a store like JC Penney or Kohl's when they are having a good sale.

Some day perhaps. Maybe never. I guess I can live with that. I think warm spring days make me feel like I should be more carefree with every aspect of my life, like I did in high school on a warm spring Friday the week or two before graduation when I felt so free.

So I'll blame it on the warm spring day.

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