Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lingering in the Shower

I love to linger in the shower. I always get in with the intention of washing and getting right out, but once I'm there, it's like a respite from the chaos of my home and I can't seem to get out. I'll just stand there, thinking of all the things I want to blog about, or thinking about my to-do list, or thinking about totally random things that cross my mind. Sometimes I'm thinking about our finances and I'll do math in the steam on the glass shower walls. When I'm done and ready to get out, I always end up standing there a few minutes more, letting the warm water run all over and soothe.

I have to admit, I do waste a lot of water when I take a shower. Unless I'm in a real hurry, like there is an actual deadline to meet (I have 20 minutes to be ready and out the door or I will be late for something), this happens pretty much every time I'm in the shower. When I'm home alone with the kids and am finally taking that shower, I really do mean to get out in a timely fashion, since I don't want to leave the kids unsupervised for too long. But it's so tempting to just stay in there until the hot water runs out.

Do you have a place that is a respite from your motherhood? The shower is that place for me.


Devin & Ruthann said...

I love just standing there under the hot water! I even like it in the summertime.

Jackie said...

ME TOO! I shower every night before bed, and if I time it right I will just in while the kids are crying and leave them with dad.

I LOVE The shower!


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